Geriatric Hip Surgery

The hip fracture program at Sanford Health is focused on improving patient outcomes and detecting risk early to help curb the negative effects of geriatric bone fractures. The Hip Fracture Program provides a comprehensive, evidence-based, best practice approach to medical care, education, and rehabilitation. This program links all aspects of hip fracture care into one simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand journey. From the time of entry into the hospital to evaluation for surgery, to rehabilitation and post-surgery care, this program is centered around your total care and comfort.

With entry into Sanford Health, you will begin your journey through a comprehensive program developed specifically for individuals experiencing a hip fracture. This program provides:

  • A comprehensive team approach including co-management by a medical physician and an orthopedic surgeon
  • A dedicated team of orthopedic specialists in the operating room, on the nursing unit, and within the therapy team
  • Focus on effective pain management with reduced side effects, a reduction in medical complications and better outcomes through specialized fracture care
  • Streamlined admission process that gets patients into surgery in a timely manner (if a surgical candidate)
  • The provision of geriatric-friendly care that includes medications, adequate sleep cycles, promotion of activity and nutritional needs
  • Education regarding bone health
  • Referral for osteoporosis evaluation and determination of need for additional follow-up
  • High quality outcomes demonstrate our success

Achieving goals is easier due to the program's unique approaches that are considered best practices throughout the nation. Patient education is at the core of our program's success. You will receive helpful information before and after your surgery that is designed to maximize your journey.

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